Tax Deductible Mortgage

Most people are unaware of their ability to deduct up to 100% of their mortgage interest.

Depending on your personal financial situation we may able to help you establish your mortgage as tax deductible. The savings can be quite significant. When combined with a tax preferential investment portfolio you can generate significant tax refunds. A Public Business Accountant can help your current investment advisor or broker structure your portfolio in a manner that is optimized for tax deductions.

Whether it’s The Smith Manoeuver, the Tax Deductible Mortgage Plan, or a variation thereof, we can advise you of the short-term and long-term tax implications.

If you operate your business from home then you may be entitled to claim a percentage of your mortgage interest as a tax deduction.  Our accountants can help you calculate the breakdown between business and personal.

For rental properties, mortgage interest is typically 100% deductible. Therefore, it’s important that you structure your mortgages correctly for tax purposes, especially if you have multiple properties and mortgages. An incorrect tax structure can cost you thousands in unnecessary extra taxes every year. Before you finalize any real estate rental transactions make sure to make an appointment with one of our tax accountants.