Personal Accounting

Personal situations can be varied and complex and involve a number of areas depending on your lifestyle or activities of your family members. From student loans to retirement and tax planning to rental management, we have the expertise to help you understand and manage your financial lifestyle as wisely as possible.

When meeting with one of our accountants for the first time, it is a good idea to bring in your last three years of personal tax returns and notices of assessment. We can verify carry forward amounts, maintain filing consistency when desired, and if necessary, adjust the prior year returns in your favor for missed income tax refunds. In fact, we can go back up to 10 years to make these tax return adjustments, but in most situations we only request those years if we have reason to believe they have missed income tax refunds.

Following are some of the common areas personal clients often request. This list is not comprehensive and rest assured that other issues you may have that do not appear on this list can be handled by our expert Public Business Accountants.

Personal Accounting Services

  • Personal Tax
  • Employment Expenses
  • Audit Appeals
  • BC Medical
  • Student Loans
  • Moving Expenses
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate Returns
  • Clearance Certificates
  • Trust Returns
  • GST Claims
  • Bankruptcy Reporting
  • Old Age Security
  • Guaranteed Income Supplements
  • Disability Benefits
  • Canada Pension Plan Benefits
  • Taxpayer Relief
  • Rentals & Property Rentals