Corporate Accounting

Unfortunately, not all accounting firms and accountants prioritize tax savings. However, when you become our client, it’s our duty to save you as much taxes as legally allowed under the governing legislative acts. To accomplish that challenging goal we rely on our significant amount of experience and expertise. Our client referrals and testimonials over the years are a direct result of this fundamental commitment that serves as our cornerstone.

Every year there are changes to regulations, tax rules, accounting procedures, and banking regulations. But there are also just as many new opportunities for financing, tax relief, cost reductions, and new income opportunities made available. When our Public Business Accountants prepare your T2 corporate income tax return, you can rest assured that we have taken great care in making sure we have optimized your return for all the potential tax deductions and expense write-offs you are allowed. We also go the extra step of interrelated company and personal tax planning. This extra step completes the tax savings process and leaves our clients with the comfort of knowing they received our highest level of service, not just the minimum to satisfy government reporting requirements.

Keeping up with the constant flow of information and changes is a daunting task and one that often gets set-aside in corporations trying to survive in competitive marketing environments. Yet by placing focus on the financial operations at every level there are always ways to increase profits through better management of income and expenses. Our Public Business Accountants will issue professional Notice to Reader Financial Statements for your company and can go over them with you in person.

At Complete Accounting Solutions, our corporate accountants and consultants spend many hours staying abreast of the changes in the accounting, tax, and corporate fields. This can equate to new profits and a greater ability to compete through cost management. We offer expertise to all corporations from start-ups to established businesses in a variety of industries.

Corporate Accounting Services (Including Personal Real Estate Corporations)

  • Start-ups
  • Active & Non-Active Business Income
  • Tax Planning
  • Bookkeeping
  • Financial Statements
  • PREC, Commission, Contracting, Construction, Farming, Trucking, Professional, Rental and much more
  • GST
  • PST
  • Payroll
  • WCB
  • Consulting
  • Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) claims
  • Investment Tax Credit
  • Audit Appeals
  • Business Financing
  • Taxpayer Relief
  • Free Prior Years Searches
  • Missed Refunds & Overpayments