Like most services, the amount you will be billed depends on the time required, nature and amount of work involved in a client’s unique situation based on competitive market rates.

Our Public Business Accountants provide detailed service and spend more time making sure you get the best cost effective advice and assistance. The additional time may lead to a larger bill than other firms, but the charges are more than offset by the tax and cost savings realized. You are always assured we will work as efficiently as possible and never waste a client’s time doing unnecessary work or incurring wasteful charges.

We are so committed to fairness that all clients are provided a price guarantee as follows.

We guarantee that if you do not believe the charges are justified by our efforts, then you can pay what you believe is a reasonable amount beyond the basic minimum fees agreed to up front.

In addition, our staff will spend all the non-billable time necessary carefully explaining the results of their work and the fees included on the invoice. Though we strongly advise utilizing our services to their full potential, it all begins with the basic filings. Even if you choose to stay with the basic filings, we will still look for ways you can save money and will share those options with you at no charge.

We offer our services to the Vancouver area, including Surrey, Cloverdale, Langley, Abbotsford, Delta, Aldergrove, White Rock, Maple Ridge, Mission and surrounding areas.

All services are subject to hourly rates and the actual time spent on the file.

  • Minimum fee to file a basic personal tax return – $150
  • Please note we are currently not accepting new basic personal tax returns
  • Minimum fee to file a personal tax return with business activity and GST return- $500
  • Minimum fee to file a personal tax return with new rental activity – $500
  • Minimum fee to file a corporate tax return – $1,000
  • Minimum fee to file a NIL corporate tax return – $350

If you are future oriented, interested in saving money, desire to achieve personal control of your finances, or need assistance finding cost effective business solutions, then Complete Accounting Solutions stands ready to help.