The goal of Complete Accounting Solutions is to provide the appropriate level of service a client needs for problem solving, reporting requirements, and discovering tax saving opportunities. Whether they are a small business, professional corporation, or medium sized business, we can offer an accounting solution that fits their needs. The problem solving and opportunity seeking side of our accounting services is what sets us apart from other accounting services.

When you work with our trained staff, you are assured the right expertise is available to meet your personal, small business, or corporate needs. Anyone trained in bookkeeping can keep score by simply recording data. We keep score by preparing necessary statements and analyzing them for in-depth meaning. Those findings are then used to generate future success strategies in income and expense management on a personal or business level.

Our Public Business Accountants and consultants can put you or your business in the enviable position of having a thorough understanding of the current financial position while providing the assurance your decisions are cost effective. As the great recession of 2008 has proven, personal and business cost management is essential for financial survival and growth.

As a result of our commitment to providing opportunities and not just accounting services, the staff is prepared to address a variety of needs with the understanding that a personalized approach to each situation is the only way to find and take advantage of cost effective and income producing opportunities.

Turning Facts into Opportunities

The reason the name of the company is Complete Accounting Solutions is because it perfectly describes our functions. We provide:

  • Advanced corporate and personal tax planning
  • Complete and detailed analysis of data for personal and business improvements through cost management
  • Accounting services that meet all governmental reporting requirements while supplying management with the information needed for effective decision making
  • Practical bookkeeping and accounting solutions that will increase business profits and enable individuals to have better control over their finances

One…two…three…it’s all about opportunities you can find by working with Complete Accounting Solutions.