Every situation is unique when it comes to bookkeeping.  Regardless of whether you have 1 month or ten years, we can help you find the right accounting and bookkeeping engagement that is specifically tailored to your tax situation. An initial free 1/2hr consultation with a Public Business Accountant is the first step in determining the following:

  • Tax requirements – how often are you required to file for income tax, GST, HST, PST, Payroll, WCB?
  • Regulatory requirements – are you required to comply with other regulatory standards?
  • Managerial decision making – how often does management need updated reports to effectively run the business?
  • Shareholders and investors – do you have a need for more frequent reporting to satisfy stakeholders?
  • Software – are you currently using an accounting software program such as Simply Accounting, Sage 50, QuickBooks, or MYOB?
  • Costs – how much will the different options for bookkeeping cost and what is the most effective?
  • Tax saving – will your accountant have more support for expense deductions with one bookkeeping method vs. another?
  • Internal bookkeeper training – is the client best off taking in the bookkeeping internally?

CRA Audits

If you want to preemptively prepare for a CRA audit, or are in the midst of a CRA audit request, we have the bookkeeping services you need to organize your receipts, credit card statements, bank statements, and invoices to protect yourself from costly audit mistakes.  Moreover, with solid bookkeeping you don’t need to worry about coming up with the same figures again at a later date.  With us, your records will always be properly analyzed and bundled.  Properly supporting a file with correct bookkeeping reduces your accounting costs and enables you to be more thorough with your tax write-offs.

Quality & Cost Control

For files that only need to have bookkeeping done to meet income tax and sales tax reporting periods, typically annual bookkeeping engagements are the most cost effective.  Instead of working on a file weekly, monthly, or even quarterly, we can condense an entire year of bookkeeping into one streamlined engagement that maximizes quality control, reduces overall bookkeeping and accounting costs, and optimizes tax deductions.

Bookkeeping for a growing business

As your business expands, you’ll start to find that your bookkeeping needs increase.  What was once considered unnecessary cost and a waste of time can now become a crucial part of your sales, collections, and banking.  At Complete Accounting Solutions we stay in touch with clients throughout the year and recommend bookkeeping changes in advance.  Whether it’s a need for a payroll processor, full-time or part-time staff bookkeeper, or bookkeeping training, we have the expertise, knowledge, and industry contacts to keep you pointed in the right direction. All it takes is to click here and request an initial client consultation to get started.

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