Tax benefits for Canadians with disabilities

If you have a disability, there are varying benefit programs and tax credits that may be applicable. At Complete Accounting Solutions, no file is too small for persons with disabilities. We will look into the different programs you are eligible for, provide you with the forms necessary for your medical professional to compete, and handle all government applications.

On your own, the process can be challenging and one simple mistake can result in lost benefits & tax credits. It’s not worth taking the risk on someone who doesn’t have the experience in filing out and following up on these applications. There’s simply too much at stake to get an application wrong. For instance, missing out on the CPP disability program can result in over a hundred thousand dollars in missed benefits over someone’s lifetime.

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to properly file your applications either. Unlike some of our competition for the Disability Tax Credit portion of claims, such as The National Benefit Authority or The National Disability Tax Consultants, we don’t charge a commission. As professional accountants, we go by our basic filing fees and hourly rates, which is much more cost effective than a 25% to 30% commission.

For a consulation with one of our Langley or Surrey accountants, call 778-298-2415.  For a Kelowna, Naramata, or Penticton accountant, please call 250-764-2016.