Small to Medium Sized Corporations

Owners of newly incorporate businesses to even medium sized companies normally have very different accounting and tax needs of large corporations. Where large corporations normally have internal bookkeepers and accountants to take care of ongoing filing requirements, small companies are normally run by one or a few individuals who take care of all levels of the organization. Administration, operations, finances, marketing, human resources, legal, and customer relations can make it overwhelming for business owners. Finding an accounting firm that has a right fit for your business can easily make a large difference in your profitability and can even be crucial to your overall success.

As the owner of Complete Accounting Solutions I personally take it upon myself to learn about each client’s business operations beyond just the numbers. During each free 1/2 hour consult I look for opportunities to increase a business’ success. Sometimes all it takes is a new perspective to point out the small but important details that are easily overlooked when you are trying to keep things under control. We also have a wide variety of professional contacts that can provide value added services that are critical to growing a thriving business.

In addition to looking for ways to grow your business we also assist with reducing the reporting requirements and obligations. Between payroll, GST/HST, corporate tax, and even WCB, we can help simply the incorporation process so that you can spend less time worrying about government reporting and more time actually generating business. Some of this simplification process can be accomplished just by requesting less frequent reporting periods. Doing so means we cut down on the required work on your file and in so free up your time and reduce your accounting fees.

Lastly, if you have not already incorporated but are considering the option, we can assess your situation and provide you with a cost vs. benefit analysis so you know whether incorporation is right for you. Making the decision to incorporate when it’s not necessary can be a costly mistake so make sure you get the right advice upfront.

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