How to choose an accountant

How to choose an accountant

People new to self-employment typically have a hard time navigating all the different aspects of running a successful business.  However, one thing most business owners have in common is the desire to pay the least amount of tax as legally possible.  Not all accountants spend as much time on a file maximizing tax deductions. 

Some accountants rely solely on the figures provided by the client and focus merely on the tax filing and basic Notice to Reader financial statement preparation.  Doing so keeps a file simple and profitable for the preparer, but the client may be missing out on very costly missed claims.  Likewise, lack of attention from an accountant can result in overlooked filings and further penalties & interest – GST/HST, WCB, T4s, T5s, etc.  A good accountant will verify your filing status on these accounts.

To find a great accountant you should ask successful business people what accountants they know and trust.  If they simply like their accountant, don’t take that as a recommendation.  They should be able to claim their accountant has a night & day difference vs. their prior accountant.  If you are considering that accountant, make sure you check out their website and testimonials.  If they are a one off operation, be cautious about their time commitments and availability when you need them.

Keep in mind that accounting designations do not guarantee an accountant’s expertise in taxation.  Whether they are a CA, CGA, CMA, CPA, or RPA, don’t assume they are experts in all fields of accounting, just as you wouldn’t assume a lawyer is an expert in all fields of law.

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