Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Audits

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Audits

Dealing with the CRA is an intimidating process for most people. Auditors may use this intimidation to their advantage. When combined with the bureaucratic process this causes frequent incorrect conclusions. If you are not happy with your audit results it’s important to follow up with an appropriate response in a timely manner to avoid being statute barred.

If you have are in the midst of an ongoing audit or expect additional CRA scrutiny due to a change in your tax deduction claims, contact us for a free 1/2hr consult. We can make sure that you claim as much as possible and that the audit results are acceptable before closing off the file. If necessary we can also submit a formal Notice of Objection and reopen the file if we have reason to believe the results are incorrect.

The most common audit categories are as follows:

Moving Expenses

Medical Expenses


Childcare Expenses

Eligible Dependant (first time claims)

Employment Expenses

Allowable Business Investment Losses (ABIL)

GST/HST refunds

Scientific Research & Environmental Development (SR&ED) Claims